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Pre-sales Questions

  • Why your products prices are so low compared to other websites?

    Our products are cheap for several reasons:

    1. We are in a promotional period, we want to make known our website worldwide, and we believe that the best advertising are low prices.
    2. We are Microsoft digital products wholesalers, we buy these products at very very low prices, which leaves us a bigger margin to play with the final price.
    3. Because Microsoft does not spend anything on shipments, producing discs, boxes and user guides, the price we obtain products is very very low.
    These three reasons combined result our rock bottom prices.

  • Where do the products come from?

    We get them directly from a Microsoft Reseller Partner.

  • How long will take to activate my order?

    Delivery time with automatic payment methods such as PayPal, Stripe or MercadoPago may take up to 3 minutes to be approved.

  • Why should I purchase here?

    • Why spend more money on a box product if you can get the same benefits for less? You will be able to activate your Windows/Office permanently and legally, download updates and more.
    • Above all, you'll get support directly from us if you need to know how to install your product or get help with installation, errors, and more after installing.

  • How do I know that your products are original?

    You'll have a proof of purchase (email) and will be able to activate Windows/Office automatically by Internet or telephone through the Microsoft Product Activation Center of your country.

  • What does my purchase includes? What will I receive?

    You will have access to:

    1. Product Key(s).
    2. Download Links of the Product(s).
    3. A Proof of Purchase (an email that proves you got the product from us).
    4. You'll get support with us in case you don't know how to install your product or solving installation issues.

  • Will I be able to download updates from Microsoft?

    Yes, once activated, you can download updates from Microsoft until Microsoft ceases product support (ie, when will not create new updates, you will be able to download all the available updates). Our products have all the advantages of a box product.

  • 'N Edition' and 'Full Edition' What should I choose?

    The N editions are an excellent alternative to save, have exactly the same characteristics as the full version except that these do not include default Windows Media Player and Windows DVD Maker, you have to install it separately in a package of Microsoft that is included in your purchase.

  • Is there any guarantee for my purchase?

    You may request a refund only if the product key stops working by itself or if you was never able to activate it the first time. For doing so, we must check certain information regarding the use you gave to the product key.

  • How long will be my product valid?

    It will never expire, the Microsoft products we sell are permanent.

Other Questions

  • Can I move the product to another computer?

    No, it is not possible. If you change your hardware or your PC, you must buy a new Product Key.

  • I have already paid. How long should I wait for my products?

    Delivery time with automatic payment methods such as Stripe or MercadoPago may take up to 3 minutes to be approved. Perhaps your purchase have already been approved and you don't know yet. Check the status of your orders in Your orders.

  • 32 or 64 bits? Which edition should I install?

    Please visit this link

  • Can I request Windows/Office in a different language besides English?

    By default, most of our available products includes: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Additionally you may request your downloads in other languages.

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Billing & Payments

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    Read our Refund Policy

  • Am I protected when buying?

    Yes, you can pay with Stripe or MercadoPago. They protect you if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    1. Credit Cards [Powered by Stripe] (USD / EUR / GBP / MXN / CHF)
    2. MercadoPago (COP / CLP / ARS / MXN / VEF)
    3. Bitcoin

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